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Edmonton Public Schools Board of Trustees
Centre for Education, One Kingsway Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5H 4G9
Phone: 429-8015

Bev Esslinger - Ward A
Wendy Keiver - Ward B
Don Williams - Ward C
David Colburn - Ward D
Ken Gibson - Ward E
Don Fleming - Ward F
Svend Hansen - Ward G
George Nicholson - Ward H
Gerry Gibeault - Ward I
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Latest Board Meeting Agenda
Meeting agendas and reports are posted Fridays before board meetings.

Board Meetings
Schedule of public meetings, the last meeting's agenda and highlights of previous meetings.

2004-2007 Legacy Statement
The legacy statement represents the trustees' collective aspirations for their term.

Organizational Board
The organizational structure of Edmonton Public Schools' Board of Trustees.

Board Policies and Regulations
Section B of the Board Policies and Regulations Manual contains information such as the board's role and responsibilities, trustee elections and trustee remuneration.

2006-2007 Approved Budget
Discover the board's initiatives and financial highlights, and how resources are allocated to schools.

High School Completion Rates